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Monday, March 17, 2008

Scuba Diving With DVT

I have been taking a scuba class for the past four days. My good friend thought it would be fun to go scuba diving on a trip we are taking to the Bahamas.

Since then I have been doing a little bit of research on if I can do this activity with the current DVT situation in my leg and with me taking 5mg of Coumodin (aka Warafin) on a daily basis. I guess I should also mention that my doctor has told me that my DVT is more than likely caused from a Vitamin K deficiency and she has suggested that I take this blood thiner for the rest of my life. I am 36 and I find this disturbing so I am researching the idea of trying to replace this warfin with aspirin but thats another post topic.

My NAUI Scuba instructor has some apprehension because he is concerned about the off gassing stage. He came to me the second day of this four day class and told me that I would need to get my doctors approval. The dive store owner at Dive World in Atlanta has a a similar situation but dives anyways (at least thats what the instructor told me). I am going to see my doctor tomorrow and get the official word because the dive instructor wont certify me without a doctors note.

I just finished the dive portion of the class and on the second day of the class we spent a lot of time underwater and did some pretty tricky emergancy manuvers (losing your mask, taking off your BC and recovering it, taking off your weight belt and recovering it, dragging buddies around the pool and simulating mouth to mouth). This was strenuous and the kicking involved was a workout on the leg that had severe blood clots in it just over a year ago.

As I walk around today (after the classes) I am seeing some problems. I am having the same twinges in my legs that I had prior to my blood clot and after a long stint in the hospital. My left leg is also tight in places and I am feeling some of the same leg cramping that I felt when I had my blood clot. Mind you all of these symptoms happened after the second day of diving. I would say with my poor swimming skills that this was a strenuous day of diving activity.

This morning I was also groggy and irritable. I am a black guy (light skinned) and I also noticed that my skin was much darker and a little splotchy.

Anyhow I will post some of the information I found online and will also let you know what the doctor says tomorrow.

I will post under a consistent label to make it easier for the readers of this blog to find other posts.